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60 Days of Insanity

29 June 2010 11 Comments

My husband and I took some vacations in May and June, including a lot of time with family, so I took a blog break to allow me to mentally recharge and get ready to go. Fortunately, I always plan ahead, so you shouldn’t see a blip in the content at Go Dairy Free, even if I am away from the computer for two weeks!

But before we left on our last trip, I spotted Biz’s 101 Days of Summer Challenge and opted to join in … a little late of course (they started on May 31). So, I’m deeming my challenge “60 Days of Insanity!” This should put me right in line with their finish date. And, I’ve set my goals:

  • Consume our whole CSA every week (it is huge! We get both a fruit CSA and a veggie CSA in the summer but just a veggie CSA in fall/winter). This will force me to cook more meals at home and eat more greens.
  • Daily walk or bike ride (at least a bit of outdoor time every day!)
  • Lean up (bring my body fat down so those jeans fit nicely for fall)


  • Do Insanity (60 day program – starting June 28 for me)

In 2009 I did the P90X program, twice. Once at the very beginning of the year, and once mid-year. It is an awesome program, and I definitely gained muscle mass on my petite little frame, but it left me wondering, “what now?” I sometimes do the P90X videos, but it is really a program, and not one I feel I can do over and over again.

Enter Insanity.

I did start it yesterday, and it did kick my butt! More on the program as time progresses. Is anyone else out there doing this program? I know Katie is, but there must be others!

Here is a quick food & fitness rundown for yesterday for my log:

  • Insanity Day 1 – 45 minutes of plyo/cardio, high intensity. Heart rate hit 150 to 160 for half of the workout!
  • 4 Mile Bike Ride – Relatively easy one with the husband, just a few hills.
  • 1.5 Mile Walk – With husband

Breakfast came in multiple parts, since I opted to do a 9am workout …

8am – Leftover Roasted Broccoli w/ olive oil and a little nutritional yeast and salt roasted in.

10amThis apricot frosty to get some natural electrolytes back in, sans the ginger this time around.

11am – Brown rice cake (love Lundberg’s!) with a nut butter made from 1 ounce nuts (half walnuts, half almonds), 1/2 teaspoon maple syrup (1 full teaspoon would be better for my sweet tooth), and cinnamon.

12:30pm – Big Salad with maybe 3 or 4 cups of greens, roasted radishes, half a can of tuna, 2 small carrots, 1/3 of an avocado, and this salad dressing (without the curry, but with some hemp oil added).

Snacks – A few more carrots (love the ones from the CSA!); 1 vegan caramel/chocolate; 1 more apricot

6:30pm – I planned ahead and threw some chicken and CSA potatoes in the crockpot. Ended up eating one roasted chicken thigh, some fingerling potatoes, and a dish I made with caramelized onions and swiss chard (with stems!). It was lightly cooked in olive oil over a low heat for about 20 minutes, add a little balsamic and some salt and pepper and good to go!

Dessert – I baked some super chocolaty cookies, and had 1 nice thick one followed by a small, but very juicy orange.

Overall, I felt good, lots of activity and lots of small meals. In recent years I have migrated toward an overeating mentality – even veggies – so I am practicing going back to my old ways of grazing throughout the day, and not getting too full at once or obsessed with finishing my plate – it can always be saved for later!

Are you a grazer or do you prefer set meals?


  • Sara said:

    I’d graze more if my schedule was more open, but being at work makes it hard to snack often and easier to just do a bigger lunch to hold me over until dinner time. I really need to get some apricots and try that frosty, it looks freakin DELICIOUS 🙂

  • Katie said:

    I’m normally a grazer, but with a few bigger “snacks” that I call meals. Lately I’ve been having to do the 3 squares thing and it isn’t jiving with me.

    I’m so excited you are doing Insanity too!

  • Wendy said:

    We just started a CSA this month and I love it. I think the easiest way to get greens is to make green smoothies, greens with water (or soy milk) and frozen fruit, in a blender, some sweetener if you need it, frozen banana to make it thicker. You get lots of greens but with no green taste! It will definitely kick your digestive system up a notch! I wish I could find a fruit CSA, that would be great. Plus this summer, I was able to do a container garden. I have 45 containers (some even just reused 2 liter bottles container romaine, lol) of romaine, bibb lettuce, dragon tongue lettuce, bright lights swiss chard, kale, carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, green beans, peas, kohlrabi, broccoli, beets, radishes, and peppers. I should be harvesting my first organic cherry tomato of the season this week. Been having lots of lettuce for a few weeks now. The extra lettuce (we got 5 bags of mixed greens from the CSA last week) goes into my green smoothies…of course…

  • Pure2raw twins said:

    We are in month two of Insanity, and love it! Never did the P90x, but this one is great! I tend to me a grazer, but feel like I should have set meals, just my schedule does not allows allow for it .

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  • Cherie said:

    I’m a grazer too. Thanks Wendy for the great idea of using 2 liters….I’ve got to try that!! Alisa, I hope you & hubby are having a great time on the vaca’s!! Good luck with the Insanity program…looks awesome.

  • Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty said:

    Insanity is intense, I started it and realized I wasn’t in good enough shape for it!! So now I’m randomly doing p90x, but to do it 6 days per week, I could hardly walk!! haha

    Yummy meals!! I love rice cakes!! mmmm :

  • Sarena (The Non Dairy Queen) said:

    Can’t wait to hear about your adventures in this! I am a grazer…bit time! I eat all day!

  • JennW said:

    okay ‘yall… I’ve been torn between starting P90X or Insanity for a few weeks now. I need someone to settle this for me – which one should I do? Weight loss is bound to happen with both, and I think at this point I’m looking for the safest, yet, most tiny apartment friendly program. Wait – what do you mean by P90X being a “program” and Insanity not? Please advise me ladies – you can’t expect me to make my own decisions :o)

  • JennW said:

    Nevermind, don’t listen to me. It’s amazing what going to Amazon.com will do. DOH!

    Alisa, you’re a P90X expert – do you have any tips to make it though his Nutrition Plan on a GFCF diet?! Can I graze my way through it? lol Seems that alls I want to “eat” these days anyways are your smoothies!

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