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Giant Giveaway of Amazing Superfood Products Enter to Win!

21 April 2010 260 Comments

This Giveaway Has Closed ~ See the Front Page of Dairy-Free & Fit for my latest posts.

The launch of this new website, Earth Day coming up … I think it is time for a nutritious, delicious, and eco-friendly foodie celebration giveaway … don’t you?

Of course, as the inaugural giveaway of Dairy Free & Fit, this couldn’t be a toned down affair. I have chosen one of my favorite product lines, and let’s just say the prize package is nice and BIG. The winner will receive all of the following from Amazing Grass:

A 30-Day Supply of EACH of the following Amazing Grass Superfood Mixes

(I am in love with the berry flavor, but really, you can’t go wrong)

A 30-Day Supply of EACH of the following Amazing Grass Kidz Superfood Mixes

(So good and adult-friendly too. See my Superfood Smoothie and Shake Recipes)

A Sample Package of Amazing Meal and Full-Size Superfood Bars

(I’m still loving the original, but the husband votes chocolate)

Your Choice of One of the Following …

(Yes they are cute, but we are talking the T-Shirts here not the people!)

If you know me from One Frugal Foodie, then you know that I buy very few packaged foods, and that I am well, kind of cheap. But, Amazing Grass is a brand I can buy guilt-free and it is worth the splurge in my opinion. But don’t take my word for it, win this humongous full-sized sampler package valued at over $150 and be your own judge!

Enter to Win (It’s EASY):

  • Just leave a comment and tell me which Amazing Grass item you are most excited to trial, which one you are already in love with, or if one of their other products intrigues you (you can see their full product line here).
  • Want an extra entry? Sign up for the email subscription with Dairy-Free & Fit (there is also a form where you can quickly sign-up on the right side of this blog). All email subscribers receive one automatic entry into giveaways.

Entries are open until midnight EST, on Sunday April 25th. Winner to be announced on the Monday.

Good luck!

This Giveaway Has Closed ~ See the Front Page of Dairy-Free & Fit for my latest posts.


  • Stephanie said:

    Oh my god I definitely squeeled when I saw this giveaway! I love Amazing Grass products!

    I’m in love with the chocolate superfood, I just bought the big container of it and I use it every morning in my smoothies. But I’d LOVE to rock one of those shirts since I am a Grass Goddess! 🙂

  • Stephanie said:

    Oh and I just subsrcibed! Fingers are crossed!!!!!

  • Ibu said:

    I have always seen the products on several blogs. Would love to try them all!

  • Ibu said:

    I just subscribed to the blog!

  • Casi Leigh said:

    I would LOVE the chance to try Amazing Grass products. They aren’t sold in the area where I live so I have been looking over their products on Amazon but unable to decide which Superfood Mix to try first! Boy, wouldn’t this solve my problem. 🙂 Awesome giveaway idea!

  • Casi Leigh said:

    Also, I just subscribed via email!

  • Katie said:

    I’ve only had the chocolate superfoods, but I really want to try, um, everything else!! The bars scare me, honestly. The berry mix has my name all over it!

  • lauren said:

    The bars are great! I’d love to try the chocolate amazing grass!

  • brandi said:

    My FAVORITES are their chocolate covered bars and the chocolate meal (and the pom one..) but I haven’t tried any of their other products.

    What a fun giveaway!

    Congrats on the new site – I look forward to reading 🙂

  • brandi said:

    oh, I signed up for the emails!

  • Jessica said:

    Oh my gosh I hope I win! I love the amazing meal chocolate flavor for mornings when I’m on the run but need something healthy and I would love to start putting the superfood in my every day smoothies!

  • Rachel said:

    I’ve only tried a sample of their chocolate powder and it was really good! I’d like to try those bars though.

  • Rachel said:

    I signed up for the emails.

  • radioactivegan said:

    I’d love to try any of the superfood mixes! they all look great.

  • Jaque said:

    I am most excited to try the Amazing Superfood Green Berry Flavored Powder!

    Thank you. 🙂

  • Hannah said:

    Seriously awesome giveaway! I’m currently having a love affair with the chocolate flavored powder- I use it practically every day at this point. I’d sure love to try the other flavors, and the bars, though!

  • kalli@fitandfortysomething said:

    oh my what a great giveaway! love the chocolate super food and would love to try the berry flavor. 🙂 love this!

  • Liz @ lizrunsdc said:

    I’ve been dying to try the chocolate powder for my smoothies!

  • Mastering Public Health said:

    I am absolutely head-over-heels in love with Amazing Grass products. I use their Chocolate GREENSuperfood packets every day as a hot cereal mix-in. Their bars are also fantastic. Suffice it to say that this is an excellent giveaway — definitely one I’d really like to win! 🙂 Thanks for hosting.

  • Valerie @ City|Life|Eats said:

    I have been dying to try the chocolate one. I keep eyeing those products and not buying them on account of cost, so this giveaway would be awesome!!

  • Mastering Public Health said:

    I have subscribed to your feed. Thanks again.

  • Kyle said:

    Awesome! Hope I win!!! =)

  • Valerie @ City|Life|Eats said:

    I just subscribed for the email subscription!

  • Claudine said:

    This products are looking soooo good. They are new for me. I’m just diagnosed with Dairy sensitivity.
    Look forward to try them

  • Michelle Pecchia said:

    Super-duper prize!!!! 😀 I love the chocolate superfood!! I can’t wait to try the other stuff!!

  • Anna said:

    oooh! I’ve never tried supergrass products, but I’d love to try the chocolate super food. Would go great with my chocolate banana peanut butter smoothies. 😀

  • Linda Maybee said:

    Thank you for doing this. I am just starting to go Dairy Free and Egg Free because I found out I am sensitive to casien and egg protein. It has been fun and challenging to find new ways to prepare food and find things that satisfy. I would love to try to “Chocolate Drink Powder”!!! Again, many thanks!! I love your websites.

  • lr3216 said:

    Oh my goodness……some lovely new (to me) products to possibly try! Thanks for the chance Alisa!! They all sound so wonderful!
    Happy day everyone!

  • JoAnn Cofer-Z said:

    i would love to try any product, as none of these are available in my area.

  • ren said:

    i’ve very intrigued by the chocolate superfood mix. i’ve been reading about it everywhere and i need to track it down and try it!

  • Josiane said:

    I have yet to try the superfood mixes; I’m pretty curious about them.

  • Shannon said:

    while i did enjoy the chocolate amazing meal, i like the pb bars for an on-the-go or travel option 🙂

  • shannon said:

    the chocolate energy bar

  • monika said:

    looks amazing!

  • jeanne said:

    I would most like to try the Berry Green Super Food

  • jeanne said:

    I subscribed

  • Wendy said:

    Oh my goodness, I just stumbled across this site looking at the kids products and saw that you have this giveaway.
    I would be so excited to try the kids products as well as products for myself.

  • Rebecca said:

    i love amazing grass products! i have already tried the chocolate and original flavor powders and would LOVEEEE to try the berry and kids’ flavors! those shirts rock too, especially because it’s jenna from eatliverun!

  • Rebecca said:

    i also subscribed!

  • Michele said:

    I just bought 3 of the packets at Henry’s today:) I’m excited to try them all….recently found out that I have a dairy allergy, so these products will be a great addition to my new lifestyle! Going to subscribe to your site next!!

  • Laura said:

    Terrific! I just tried Amazing Grass for the first time and would love to try the other flavors and products. Thanks!

  • Janet said:

    I have recently fallen in love with the chocolate as I bought some one serving packs at Whole Foods to add to my new found love Green Monsters. I would LOVE to try any and/or all of these products! 1st grade teachers need all the energy we can get!

  • Ashley said:

    I am intrigued by all of the Amazing Grass products!! I feel like the chocolate version would be up my alley…

    So excited for the new site!


  • Josie said:

    I have recently found out I am lactose intolerant. I also have/had (find out next week if they are still there!) stomach ulcers and many other issues! I have been so sick over the past year but hope I am now on the road to recovery.
    I am usually quite active and healthy and can’t wait to loose the extra fat I have put on being so sick and regain my muscle tone.
    I LOVE chocolate so quite excited to try a dairy free chocolate drink with so many other health benefits that can help me get back on track to be the best me I can be! 🙂

  • Fiona said:

    whoa. The berry for sure (here’s hoping you’ll send the priz to Australia if I win!)

  • Marilyn Wons said:

    The Berry Whole Food Energy Bar is the product I am most excited to try!

  • Tari L. said:

    I am most excited to try the Organic Green SuperFood – Peanut Butter Protein Bars.

  • Azuki said:

    Wow, what an awesome giveaway!! I’ve only tried this stuff at Whole Food sampling stations, but I would love to try it for real at home! Especially the superfood bars (either one, really).

    Oh, and I subscribed via email!

  • KP said:

    Wow! All of the Green Superfoods look great. Too bad they are not available in my area. Bring on the chocolate – that looks like it would be my favorite.

  • EMMA L HORTON said:


  • Claire said:

    I’d really like to try the Amazing Grass Kidz chocolate flavor!!!

  • kim said:

    I have never tried these products but as a new member (and new mom!) to the dairy free world I’d love to try any of them! Off to subscribe to the email!

  • heather said:

    Oh how exciting! i have been wanting to try these products but haven’t been able to find them in a store near me yet. i really want to find the kid chocolate one for my 5 year old. i think she would love it! thanks for having a giveaway. please enter me!

  • daniele said:

    I love the amazing grass packets! They are great for use in my morning smoothies–and the chocolate is surprisingly very delicious!

    I’m also already a subscriber to your e-mails 🙂

  • Julia Thompson said:

    Chocolate of course, I’ve never tried any of your products but I’m willing to come back when hopefully I win the big prize.
    Thanks for doing something healthy. I already do fruit smoothies in the mornings which I’ve done for quite a few years now and it really gets me going on the right path.

  • Autumn B. said:

    chocolate green superfood!

    autumn398 @ yahoo.com

  • Jenna Z said:

    I see people on blogs all OVER the place making amazing things with that Chocolate Amazing Grass Superfood powder! So I want to try it so bad!

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  • Desiree said:

    I LOVE the chocolate one. I mix it with hemp milk. So good!

    Interested in trying the berry flavor, haven’t strayed away from choco yet. Great giveaway!

  • Shari said:

    I can’t decide if I want to try the Amazing Grass SuperFood berry or the chocolate first. They both sound great. Having celiac and also a dairy intolerance…it’s sometimes rough to get all the nutrition I need in a day.

  • Ricki said:

    I have to go with the dairy flavor. I’m sure the plain would even be good, but berry would be stellar! What a fabulous giveaway! 🙂

  • Melissa said:

    I would love to try the Chocolate Whole Food Energy Bar!

  • Melissa said:

    I’m a new e-mail subscriber.

  • Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty said:

    Wow.. amazing giveaway!!
    I think it would be great to win, even though a few of their products upset my stomach, not all of them do!! I love the ones that don’t, they really truly make amazing stuff!! 🙂

    I subscribe through email to your blog too!! 🙂


  • sherri muckleroy said:

    A friend told me about your products, and made me promise to check you all out. Hope I win this, looking so forward to trying this out.

  • Christina (Dinner at Christina's) said:

    Wow! This is an awesome giveaway Alisa!!! I wrote about AG a few weeks ago on my blog and I am a faithful everyday user. My favorite is the Superfoods in Berry flavor.

  • Christina (Dinner at Christina's) said:

    And for entry 2 I just signed up for email subscription and verified! 🙂

  • JenP said:

    I’d love to try the kids mixes!

  • Alyson said:

    I really have been wanting to try the chocolate green superfood, but I think my husband would go for the berry!

  • Alyson said:

    I subscribed

  • Heather Eats Almond Butter said:

    Don’t enter me in the giveaway…not of fan of the Grass. Just stopping by to check out the new blog. Looks great my friend! So excited for you. 🙂

  • Anne-Marie D. said:

    Oh my gosh! This is quite possibly the best giveaway EVER. I love Amazing Grass’s Berry Green SuperFood. I mix it with yogurt, add a scoop to orange juice and make fresh fruit and veggie smoothies with it. It makes such a positive difference to the way my body handles the day. I haven’t tried the bars yet but am so interested – they seem like a great tie-over if you’re going to have a late meal or are outside working hard!

  • Christine said:

    love to try the chocolate amazing grass

  • Kolbi Doyle said:

    My daughter LOVES chocolate Silk in an amount that is probably unhealthy, but I would love to try out the chocolate with her (and me, she got the chocolate gene from her mama). I have never heard of these products, I’ll have to look for them next time I’m out.

  • Michelle said:

    I want to try any of the powders, especially the chocolate! I’ve tried a few different vegan protein powders and don’t care for any of them. I’ve heard great things about Amazing Grass but haven’t tried it yet. Great giveaway!

  • Michelle said:

    I’m an email subscriber!

  • Amanda said:

    I love your new site! I am excited to read more about health for my whole family, especially as we all are cutting out more and more dairy! I am most excited about the Kidz superfood powder! It is kinda out of my budget, but this giveaway might convince me!

  • Johnny said:

    I drink the Berry Superfood powder with V8 Splash every day, but I’d really like giving the other flavors a try. Sometimes the Berry is a bit too much “Flintstones vitamins” for me!

  • coco said:

    I love their chocolate amazing grass, it has nutritional values and it’s really tasty! 🙂
    I also like the chocolate bar, a powerhouse that is yummy~~~

  • Cee said:

    The ‘Chocolate Green SuperFood’ sounds intriguing. I have heard so many good things about the benefits of dark chocolate … and I love spirulina. Thank you so much for this GREAT giveaway!

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  • Julie @ Pickley Pear said:

    I am being greedy and really love Amazing Grass, but it is expensive so I’d love to win more! Chocolate is by far my favorite – I put it in Green Monster’s everyday!

  • Mallory said:

    holy awesome giveaway!!

    my favorite AG product is the chocolate Amazing Meal – i absolutely love it (but my student budget doesn’t…)

  • Rebecca said:

    The Chocolate Amazing Meal is well amazing 🙂

  • Mallory said:

    i subscribed 🙂

  • Christin L. said:

    Hello! I subscribed! AND I absolutely adore the Amazing Grass chocolate powder!!! Looking forward to reading more! 🙂

  • Maija said:

    I would be thrilled to try any of them! I hear so much about these products but I’ve never bitten the bullet and actually paid for any of them yet- tuition first right? And that t-shirt is calling my name!
    I’m so excited to start following your blog, thank you Alisa!

  • Ashley said:

    I love amazing grass (use it every day!) but I had no idea they made superfood BARS! I usually stick to plain because that’s all I can find around me and I’d love to try the other flavors. Something new and healthy to get addicted to? ANYTIME!

  • Jennifer Trigo said:

    Congrats on the launching of your new blog! I read about it on Heathers blog just now. I have never tried any of these Grass superfood meals. I would love to though! Hmm…I am a chocolate addict, so I think I would probably like that one the most.

  • Heather said:

    I just tried the Amazing Greens bar and LOVED it so I’m eager to try one of their powders now!

  • Ana said:

    Omg, I love amazing grass products!! I am currently in love with their Amazing Meal Pomegranate Berry Infusion and the Regular Green Superfood. And I would absolutely loooooove to try the Chocolate Green Superfood and the Kidz Superfood for my 8 year old, he already likes the smoothies I make with the regular green superfood so I know he would be amazed to have his own tub of the stuff, especially the chocolate one, he looves chocolate!!
    I never win anything anywhere, but it would be totally awesome to win this one, I love these products so much!

  • bkim said:

    I’d love to try the Amazing Grass Superfood in Chocolate!

  • sophie said:

    ahh i want to try chocolate superfood so badly!!

  • Paige said:

    Must try the berry. Will subscribe for the extra entry. Thanks!

  • Jules said:

    Chocolate amazing grass all the way 🙂

  • samantha said:

    holy moly pudding and pie, this is a giveaway to end all giveaways!

    i love love the original amazing grass powder – i use it in all my smoothies and sometimes drink it plain. it always makes me feel full of energy and i love knowing i’m getting all my veggies in.

    never tried the bars, but have always wanted to!

  • Laura H. said:

    I’d love to try chocolate!

  • Erin said:

    I haven’t tried any of the products, but I really want to after seeing all the great feedback from other bloggers. I need some super foods in my life. 🙂

  • PaigeP said:

    Hello! The chocolate amazing grass is awesome in smoothies and I’d love to try the amazing meal!

  • Kelly said:

    Swooon! This would be amazing! I have tried the individual packets before, but would love to try more of the powder flavors to really make my smoothies tastier and have lots more goodness in them!

  • Kristina said:

    I LOVE the Amazing Meal, all flavors… Amazing Grass is in my rotation of smoothie ingredients, when I use AG (especially Meal and WheatGrass) I have *SO* much energy! LOVE THEM ALL!

    I have wanted to try one of the bars, I never have. I would totally rock that t-shirt also! 🙂

    I’ve just subscribed; looking forward to reading your blog!

    Thank you for the opportunity! Cheers!

  • Michelle said:

    I would love to try the chocolate superfood. Thanks for an amazing giveaway. Love the blog by the way:)

  • Jody said:

    I’d be most excited to try the chocolate superfood because hello!…it is chocolate and good for you.

    Though to be honest, I’d be psyched to try any of these.

  • Tricia said:

    WOW! This is such an “amazing” giveaway! (sorry that was not funny at all :-))

    I’m in love with Amazing Meal, the original flavor, and actually just ran out a few days ago! I’d love to try the Green Superfood berry flavor!

  • Lori said:

    I would love to try the chocolate drink powder in my banana/spinach/almond milk smoothie! I’ve been wanting to choc-lify it, but don’t own anything healthy and chocolaty!

  • Liesl said:

    Wow…this is an amazing giveaway! 😉
    I have been dying to try the Amazing Grass Chocolate Superfood, but won’t break down and spend the money on it. So, yes, I’d love to win. And I’m excited about your site, just signed up for the email subscription too. THanks!

  • Amanda (WannaBe Chef) said:

    Wow, what a giveaway!! I’ve never tried any Amazing Grass products, but I’ve been dying to! I would love to try the chocolate and berry Amazing Grass!

  • Alex said:

    I’m really interested in trying the Amazing Grass bars!

  • Amanda (WannaBe Chef) said:

    I also subscribed to the emails!

  • Cristin said:

    I LOVE the Chocolate Amazing meal and I really want to try the berry flavor!

  • Cristin said:

    I signed up for the emails!

  • Pam said:

    I love the chocolate amazing grass powder and the chocolate amazing grass bar. I’d love to try the berry though!

  • Jess M. said:

    I love the Chocolate Amazing Meal!! Go yummy greens!

  • Lea said:

    Sweeet…i love love amazing grass. Which reminds me, I need to start drinking it regularly. I actually really like the wheat grass drink. It’s not too grassy.

    I’m actually looking forward to winning the t-shirt. lol.

  • Cara said:

    I use the powder all the time in my Green Monster smoothies, but I’ve been dying to try the bars! Love the stuff!

  • cali said:

    chocolate anything. fo’ sure.

  • Lindsay said:

    Oh I love th berry too! And the cocoa! I haven’t tried any of the “meals” yet but I am sure they are good. Would love to try them. Glad to have found your blog.

  • Leslie said:

    I am most excited to try the full size bars!

  • theorist said:

    I would love to try the chocolate powder. I am in the market for new protein powder for my smoothies b/c my current one is kinda chalky.

  • Den said:

    The berry grass looks YUMMY!

    Just signed up for the emails – can’t wait!

  • Tracey said:

    I’ve been wanting to try the Greens Superfood bar in Chocolate! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  • Amanda said:

    The chocolate amazing grass is always a perfect fix for a chocolate craving… but the berry sounds like it would be great in my regular fruit smoothies which I drink more often, so could def use a huge supply!

  • molly said:

    I’ve tried the cocoa Superfood but not the Amazing Meal…would love to try that.

  • Dee said:

    Oh gosh! What an awesome give-away! I would love to try to the Berry Flavor!

  • theemptynutjar said:

    Hi. Nice giveaway. I am always open to free stuff. I guess I would try any of their stuff. I am not into powders really. But I’m sure anything is worthy to try!

  • theemptynutjar said:

    I suscribed to the email.
    I do eat dairy (sorry!), but I respect your personal choices!

  • Jade said:

    I would love to try the original Amazing Grass powder. I enjoy making green smoothies for myself and my family, and it’d be nice to know I am adding extra nutrients into the drinks, too. I was unaware that the company also produced bars-I’d love to give those a try, too!

  • Amelia said:

    I really want to try these products but they don’t fit into my budget too well 🙁

    I would love the opportunity to try them and find out which one I want to splurge on in the future!

  • Brandi B. said:

    I am constantly on the go so I am very excited to try Superfood Bars!

  • Erin said:

    What a fantastic giveaway!

    I can’t wait to try making a green monster with the chocolate drink powder! Yum!

  • Grace @ Front Porch Yoga said:

    I have a foodie crush on the chocolate mix…blend it up with frozen bananas and almond milk…pure heaven!

  • Brittany said:

    I would love to try any of the amazing meal flavors! I make at least one or two smoothies every day and I’m sure any of them would make a great addition. I have to admit though, chocolate sounds the yummiest- go figure.
    I also think the bars look rather intriguing! I’ve heard the original is even green in color (something I actually would not mind).

  • Lauren said:

    Because I am cheap too I’ve not tried any of them and I desparately want to! Please pick me!! 🙂

  • Lauren said:

    I (sadly) have yet to try any Amazing Grass products but I’ve been dying too for a long time — just didn’t know WHICH one to buy!! I’m excited to try them all, but would most love to try the Superfood or Chocolate Amazing Meal. (and as soon as I submit this comment, I’m going to subscribe!!)

  • Meg said:

    I LOVE their bars! They’re amazing 😀

  • Jessica said:

    I’m already digging all the Amazing Grass powders (chocolate, berry and original). But I’d really love to try the bars!

  • Erin Rose Robertson said:

    Oh wow, what a great giveaway! I’ve been itching to try Amazing Grass for a year now, but I can’t find it in any of the stores in my area. Plus, I’m on a tight college student budget, so I’m hesitant to order online. But this is wonderful, and I’d love to add a scoop of the Chocolate Amazing Grass powder into my green monster smoothies. Thanks 🙂

  • Kristin (Cook, Bake and Nibble) said:

    I want to try the superfood mixes- any flavor really, but I would love chocolate!!


  • sarah said:

    i love the kids chocolate superfood – the kids i babysit for introduced it to me and thats actually how i got hooked on amazing grass products! love that bars too 🙂

  • Emily said:

    I drink the chocolate green superfood every single morning. I really think it benefits my immune system: i haven’t been sick one time this year!

    i also love the peanut butter chocolate bars!

  • Valerie said:

    I want to try the plain, all-natural Green Superfood powder. What a great giveaway – I hope I win!

  • Olga said:

    I am most excited to try the Amazing Meal packages in my smoothies!

  • Sami said:

    Thanks so much for this sweeeeet giveaway!

    I absolutely am in LOVE with the Chocolate Amazing Grass!

  • Sami said:

    I subscribed! 🙂

  • Natalie (The Sweets Life) said:

    I’d gladly try any of this…I’ve heard so many good things!

  • KG said:

    I have actually never had Amazing Grass powder but the bars I have had- the chocolate peanut butter kind- was AMAZING- get it? 😉 Another wonderful way to be sure I’m getting my veggies in!

  • Jackie said:

    I would love to try the chocolate amazing meal! Thank you!

  • Ellen said:

    i really want to try one of the chocolate powders! yum!

  • Victoria said:

    I want to try the chocolate superfood drink powder!

  • marie said:

    This giveaway couldn’t be more timely. I’ve been really trying to talk myself into trying this stuff, but haven’t gotten over the price yet. So hopefully I win! Otherwise, I’ll have to keep talking:)

  • emilie said:

    i really want to try the superfood bars!

  • Jennie {in Wonderland} said:

    I’ve been dying to try Amazing Grass FOREVER. It just looks delicious! Plus I’d like to try the Superfood bars.

  • Jessica said:

    The bars look yummy and I would love to add the powder in our morning smoothies:)

  • Caitlin said:

    I have heard so much about these products but have yet to try them! I think I would be MOST excited to try the chocolate Amazing Grass Powder!

  • Claire said:

    I have only tried a packet of the amazing meal and loved it but I really want to try the chocolate covered bars and other superfood powders!

  • Faith said:

    I’d love to try the chocolate amazing grass! looks so yummy

  • Amy said:

    Hi Alisa,
    I found your site through HEAB’s blog.
    Can’t wait to read more!!

    I would love to try these products, espeically the kids! I have a 2 year old who desperately needs some more greens in his diet.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Allison W. said:

    I love putting the chocolate superfood in my green smoothies, its delicious! I’ve never tried the berry flavor, I bet it would be great in a cherry-blueberry smoothie.

  • molly b said:

    Oh wow… what a giveaway! I would love to try the berry flavor!

  • melissa said:

    OMG…my fav offer! I love the choc amazing grass! I am dying to try the bars!!!! Good luck to me:)

  • Ali said:

    Ahhh!!! Amazing Grass is part of my morning routine! I am devoted to Wheat Grass and Berry Superfood … and would LOVE to try the others! I am keeping my fingers crossed – this would be an AWESOME giveaway to win!!! Thanks for the opportunity!
    [email protected]

  • Ali said:

    …and I just subscribed via e-mail! Thanks again!

  • Kelly said:

    I am totally new to the whole allergy free living lifestyle so I am excited to try any of these products as they are all completely new to me! Thanks!

  • Lisa said:

    I’m most excited for the bars. I love trying new flavors!

  • Kara said:

    i’d love to try the chocolate superfood mix. but honestly, they all look delicious!!

  • Angie said:

    This is amazing!!!!! I LOVE these products and use the amazing grass, amazing meal, and superfoods whenever I can! I have really wanted to try the bars as well! This would be so wonderful!!

  • Kyle said:

    I would LOVE to try the Amazing Grass Superfood mix! I’m all about the hidden greens! Great giveaway!

  • Ariel said:

    I love the chocolate superfood and I’d love to try the bars, too.

  • Ariel said:

    I just subscribed, too!

  • Joannie said:

    I would love to try the Berry Green Super Food! and so many others – great choice on the website!

  • Stephen said:

    I love the chocolate! It makes awesome hot chocolate!!!

  • Caroline said:

    I am all over that berry flavor!

  • Patricia said:

    Mmmmm chocolate superfood!

  • Kaye Stain said:

    Ok, so, I’m already a big fan of Amazing Green Superfood and Meal. I only by the packets though…. because I can never seem to plunk down a lump sum for the container!! Anyway, my favorite flavor is Chocolate!! I even love to put it into my iced coffee. My kids like the superfood drinks too,so it would be great to add these to amp up their nutrition. Great Giveaway!! Thanks for the chance!!

  • Mandy said:

    I just started using the original and chocolate flavours but would love to try the berry!

  • sals said:

    I’ve heard so much about amazing grass, but have never tried it. I would love the chocolate!

  • Graygrrrl said:

    Oh! Chocolate flavor! Sounds amazing. I can’t wait to try and I hope I win.

  • Lauren P. said:

    I have wanted to try the berry flavor FOREVERRR!!!! I hope I win !!!

  • lisa said:

    I started putting the Amazing Meal in my green smoothies, and it makes a HUGE difference in my energy. I am excited to try any and all of their products. I am so excited about your blog, as a GFCF and ‘minimal soy’ person, I have yearned to read a blg that supports both my food allergies and my need to get more active!
    Thanks so much & best luck with your new blog!

  • Julia said:

    Wow! Great giveaway!

    I would be totally psyched to try the Chocolate Drink Mix– I already have a hot chocolate habit, and this would be a healthy alternative.
    I’ve heard great things about all their products. I’d LOVE to try any of them!


  • Kelly Kurcina said:

    The kids chocolate would be the flavor I would love to try. For me and my 2 boys! =)

  • Julia said:

    aaaaand, susbscribed! 🙂

  • Lauren said:

    I am excited to try all of them, but especially the amazing meal. I can’t wait to try it in a smoothie or maybe some overnight oats or breakfast cookie. Thanks for the chance!

  • Lauren S said:

    I would love to try all of the products. But I am especially excited to try the amazing meal in a smoothie, overnight oats or breakfast cookie. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Danielle said:

    I LOVE the Chocolate Amazing Grass and Amazing meal, and the original Amazing grass!

  • Ali said:

    I would love to try the chocolate amazing meal in a green monster smoothie! This is such a great give away thanks so much!

  • 5 Star Foodie said:

    Cool products to try, what a great giveway for earth day!

  • laura said:

    i just the chocolate one every day in a smoothie. im actually almost out so its time to replenish the stock 🙂

  • Kate P said:

    I’d love to try the superfood bars to see if they’ll give me the energy to work with my high school students all day!

  • Kathryn F said:

    I am a fairly new vegan which makes me dairly free for the first time in my life and I am loving how I feel…why did it take me so long…I think the energy bars look very yummy

  • Jin said:

    What an ‘amazing’ giveaway!!!

    I’ve tried the chocolate amazing meal only. Canada doesn’t carry them and I regret only getting the 15 serving amazing meal when I was in Seattle!

    The chocolate one is really good, but now I’m getting a bit tired of it. I’d love to try the berry one! I’m also curious of how wheatgrass tastes sans other flavorings!

  • Pfieffer said:

    I would love to try the chocolate superfood since I’ve tried the other two flavors. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Steph said:

    I’ve been dabbling in the world of Amazing Superfood-I’ve tried the chocolate Amazing Meal, and have a packet of the original. I’ve never tried any of the Superfood mixes, but I’m really intrigued by the bars- I haven’t been able to find them, so I’d love to try them!!!

  • jvegegirl said:

    chocolate superfood!!!

  • christine said:

    i’m so excited about your blog– i love your book!
    i’ve read so much about all of the amazing grass products, but i’ve never had the spare cash to try them. i think i’d be most excited about the chocolate amazing meal powder.

  • Chelsea B. said:

    I’d love to try it all! I just started my healthy living journey, and I’ve read about the Amazing Grass products on other healthy living blogs. It would be awesome to have a 30-day supply to try!

  • Nicole said:

    Love your new blog. If I won, I’d want to try the Amazing Meal. I’ve been looking for a new protein powder and it looks great.

  • Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said:

    saw Heab plug you and rave about you and I wanted to rave about you too: You’re awesome, Alisa!!!!! Congrats on the new site!

    AG choc powder, please. Good stuff!

  • Cherie said:

    Hi! Congrats on your new blog! I’m so glad Heather from HEAB let us know about your site! I’d love to try the chocolate for myself and the one for the kids! The bars sound great too. Thanks for the chance to win and I look forward to checking out your blog!

  • Darryll said:

    Wow, what a great chance to try a taste of everything AMAZING GRASS! I’v tried the original, but hope I win so I can check out the rest….

  • Lindsey said:

    I would love to try some chocolate amazing grass! I heard it’s amazing!!

  • Alyson said:

    I am most intrigued by the chocolate flavor. I would also like to compare the grown-up chocolate to the kid’s chocolate. And that t-shirt is super cute! Fun giveaway. Fingers crossed!

  • Jill Myrick said:

    I would love to try the Chocolate Green Super Food Drink Powder.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.


  • Jill Myrick said:

    I am subscribed via email as jweezie43[at]aol[dot]com.

  • SallyH @ acountablelife.wordpress.com said:

    I’m seriously like a teenager here, all OMGs and ROTFing at this giveaway–and I’m a 38 year old mom! Seriously, I love Amazing Grass. I will swear to anyone that it has kept me from getting massively sick this winter since my preschooler brings home so many germs and gets mucho illnesses. Speaking of him, he is allergic to milk protein and that’s why we go dairy-free and I’ve been a fan of that blog for a while now. Back to Amazing Grass…I just bought the Amazing Meal since I don’t like to have whey protein in the house (emergency room visit for the kid if he gets a hold of it) and my 5 year old likes it! So I’m all geared up to try the Kidz version now. Ooh, pick me! pick me, oh random selection thingy.

  • Jessica Lee said:

    I have tried the Chocolate Drink Powder. I actually mix it into my yogurts for chocolate yogurt sometimes!

  • Rebecca said:

    The wild berry flavor drink

  • Daniela said:

    Oh WOW! I love the chocolate amazing grasses but have never tried any of the bars and would LOVE too. I’ve been living in London for the last year and Amazing Grasses does not sell over there. I’m excited to be back and to try there latest inventions!

  • melanie said:

    i love their peanut butter protein bars. yum! but i’ve heard great things about their meal powder, so i would be excited to try those!

  • Allie (Protein Girl) said:

    I just discovered the chocolate amazing grass and LOVE it. I want to try everything else.

  • Kimberly M said:

    I haven’t seen these products at stores around me, but they look like ones I would love to try. I’d try the Green Superfood Best of Both Combo first, since I’m not sure which I’d like better.

  • Tessa said:

    I’m so excited you’ve joined the blogging world!! I’ve heard rave reviews about Amazing Grass but still haven’t been able to afford it. I dream of a green monster with chocolate powder! Mmm mm mmm! I know it must be delicious!

  • Linda Lansford said:

    I want to try Chocolate Green SuperFood – 17oz

  • Kelsey said:

    i really want to try the berry superfood!!!

  • Jenna said:

    Id love to try the kids superfood, i debated buying it online but just couldnt afford it! :p thanks for the giveaway!

  • Sarena (The Non Dairy Queen) said:

    Um Chocolate of course! Great giveaway!

  • Kathryn said:

    The chocolate is my current favorite..I’d love to try the bars!! yum!

  • Brooke said:

    I love these products but am MOST excited to try the Amazing Grass Kidz! I would be so happy if I could get some of that goodness into my kids little bodies!!

  • Cat said:

    We (me & the kid…5 year old boy)both LOVE the chocolate kids amazing grass! You cannot beat the nutritional stats! An indulgent snack you can feel good about.

  • Gaby said:

    Oo, tough choice. I think I’d like to try the berry superfood mix in my smoothies. The only product I’ve tried was the chocolate bar, but it was really good, and I love sneaking greens in any way I can!

  • Kelsey @ CleanTeenKelsey said:

    Hey there! I’d love to try the Chocolate Amazing Grass Green Superfood. I’ve heard so much about it.

    I also signed up for the email subscription and you’re now on my Google Reader. Thank you! 🙂

  • Sarah L. said:

    Whee! What an amazing giveaway!! I have read about these products all over the blogosphere but haven’t had a chance to try any of them yet. I am definitely most excited about the chocolate drink powder. Yum!

  • Brandae said:

    Wow, what a great giveaway! I’d love to try everything but the chocolate powder really intrigues me! Thanks! Brandae

  • Mellissa C said:

    I like the chocolate energy bar.

  • Michelle T said:

    I would love to try the chocolate meal if I win!!

  • Ambre W. said:


  • christopher h said:

    i vote chocolate, too

  • valancia said:

    CHocolate superfood I picked.

  • Lizzie said:

    I would love to try the berry…my go-to for powders is always chocolate and I would like to add something new to the mix!!

  • debp said:

    I would like to try the energy bars.
    [email protected]

  • debp said:

    I am a email subscriber.
    [email protected]

  • Melinda said:

    Great Giveaway! I signed up to receive a subscription and the Amazing Grass product that I love the most is the Whole Food Energy Bars! 😀

  • Rachel said:

    I have purchased the green superfood but I’m very interested to try both the chocolate and berry flavors!

  • Beth said:

    Berry sounds great! Glad to have found your blog and book; our daughter was recently found to be casein intolerant. Thanks for the help with how to cook well casein free!

  • Kylie said:

    This is an amazing giveaway! I’d love to try the kidz superfoods, I’m always worrying that the little ones aren’t getting enough greens.

  • Beth said:

    Wow- I LOVE the chocolate flavor, but I’ve never tried the berry… sounds yummy!

  • Joanne Schultz said:

    I think I’d like to try the Green SuperFood Capsules !

    Thanks for the giveaway!

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  • J said:

    I have tried the regular green drink before but would love to try the chocolate or the berry. Thanks

  • Leah said:

    I’m excited to try the chocolate Superfood. I have a smoothie every morning and keep meaning to try this as an addition to my smoothie since I started seeing it on so many blogs!

  • Jennifer R. said:

    Wow, I have never tried any of these and would LOVE to try them all, especially the berry flavored powder and my kids would love the kids powders. Thanks for an awesome giveaway!! Keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

  • Jennifer R. said:

    I am also an email subscriber of Dairy Free & Fit. Thanks!!

  • Bea said:

    I love the chocolate flavor… would be psyched to try berry too! Love this stuff in smoothies, great giveaway!

  • Natalie said:

    i’d like to try to the chocolate greensuperfood protein powder! i love chocolate! i havent had a chance to try protein powder but now that i’m starting to incorporate a bit of weights into my workout, id love to try some!

  • brian e. said:

    Thanks for the giveaway…I would like to give the Chocolate Green SuperFood a try; the various brands I use have a rather strong taste that force me to hold my nose as I gulp them down !

  • brian e. said:

    …subscribed via email: senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

  • Veronica Garrett said:

    The Chocolate Grass Superfood intrigues me.

  • heather c said:

    I read about the Amazing Meal Pomegranate Mango Packets and would love to try it! Thanks for the intro!

  • melissa said:

    WHoa!!! I have only tried the chocolate but LOVE it- only I cant get it as often as I would like. I like it with chia seeds and almond milk or in a smoothie. Id love to try the other flavors! Very cool giveaway. Thanks.

  • rebekah (clarity in creation.) said:

    helloooooo chocolate 🙂
    thanks for the giveaway girl!

  • vivian said:

    the original grass powder ty.

  • Lily Kwan said:

    The Green SuperFood Capsules look very nice!

  • Lily Kwan said:

    I subscribed by email.

  • Deanna said:

    Mmmm….chocolate….. 🙂

  • bo said:

    both my boyfriend and my mother are in need of some healthy food supplement. i am trying to get the bf off of whey protein ugh, and my mom is going crazy teaching a dozens or more people therapeutic horse back riding a day and needs a little boost. mostly i want to get them turned onto something that will be good for them. me, what green smoothie couldn’t use a little chocolate pep once in while? 🙂

  • Jen said:

    Amazing Grass Kidz SuperFood!

    Both of my 2 young sons do not eat ANY vegetables. My youngest has multiple food allergies, and this looks to be safe product. Might be a possibility to wean him to this and off of his very expensive Neocate formula.

  • Megan said:

    I would like to try the Amazing Grass kidz superfood 🙂

  • Heather said:

    The chocolate super good looks aMAHzing!!

  • Amy said:

    Ouu sounds great. I’ve been trying a few different things latley, and I haven’t found one that I LOVE, but I haven’t seen this brand before, maybe I should search it out.

  • It’s here!!! Amazing Grass giveaway prize « A Countable Life said:

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