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Getting it Totally Together

30 August 2011 3 Comments

I love fall. And considering how dreadfully awful summer was weather-wise here in the Northwest (yes, I miss the desert), I’m really excited to see the leaves turn, enjoy apples and sweet potatoes, and snuggle up with a big mug of hot chocolate. I’m thinking a round of P90X may be in the fall plans too.

But first, I need to get myself not only organized, but feeling good about my days. I have this horrible habit of spinning my wheels on one thing and not feeling accomplished. So my action plan includes three things:

  1. Work on my focus, and cut my losses when a project or task is going nowhere.
  2. Give myself credit for what I do accomplish.
  3. Incorporate more “me” time and breaks.

It may not be New Year’s Resolution time, but I got this boost from a gift I received two weeks ago …

Totally Together Book by Stephanie O'Dea - getting organized!

Totally Together: Shortcuts to an Organized Life┬áby the cutest darn crockpot lady you have ever seen. She is a wonder-mom, and while her book is geared toward moms, this kid-free lady loves it. Really, even my husband and I have “family meetings,” so 99% of this calendar / organizational book works for me. It includes daily and weekly to do’s, with reminders and tips on things you may forget about all too often. September Week 2 – time to clean the shower, and Stephanie tells you the best way to do it. February Week 4 – Time to clean out and toss those magazine piles. Oh, and don’t forget about the great haircut reminders (boy do I need those) and time tasks to remind yourself how great you are (we all need that!).

The tips and to do’s are on one side and a weekly calendar on the other. I think the calendar is for your schedule, but I’m going to use it to write down my accomplishments for the day. Something to remind myself that I did get some good things done!

Totally Together Book by Stephanie O'Dea - getting organized!

The calendar within starts in September (though it will work any year since you write in the date), so my Totally Together life is starting on Monday. And it looks like I’ll finally be getting that long-needed haircut next week …

Totally Together Book by Stephanie O'Dea - getting organized!

How do you take care of you? Do you have a strategy for staying organized and feeling good about your days?


  • Fiona said:

    I have something similar fgrom kikki.k that I really don’t use enough.

  • Katie said:

    I need that calender/planner. And a haircut. Thanks for the reminder.

  • alisa (author) said:

    What a cool company. We need a good stationary company like that in the US!