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Food & Fitness Log: Snow, in Summer?

18 April 2010 No Comment

Okay, it certainly isn’t summer yet … but whenever the sun is shining brightly, daffodils are fighting to pop through, and fellow bloggers are starting to down popsicles and complain about the heat, all I can think about is summer. Yet mother nature insists on dumping inches upon inches of snow in town and upon our local mountains. (Then causing both my husband and I to think of that Bugs Bunny / Hiawatha cartoon where Hiawatha says with a lisp – “snow, in summer?”). Here is the forecast for the week ahead …

Honestly, I am happy about the snow. It has meant an excellent year for our local ski resorts and a good snow pack means improved water levels at Lake Tahoe. But the real bummer is, the ski resorts are closing anyway! As spring breaks wind down, the tourism ceases, and people lose interest in winter sports … yep, great snow, not enough traffic.

So this week I fit in two days of fun snow activities to get my fill …

Fit Log

  • Sunday – Ab Ripper from P90X (350 sit-ups) + 2 mile walk
  • Monday – Shoulders & Arms from P90X (1 hour)
  • Tuesday – 2 hour walk with DH and RH (good friend), up and down hills and along the beach
  • Wednesday – Core Synergistics from P90X (1 hour)
  • Thursday – 3 hours downhill skiing with DH at Heavenly
  • Friday – 3 mile walk to run errands and enjoy the good weather
  • Saturday – Ab Ripper from P90X (360 sit-ups – did some bonus ones) + 15 minutes stretch / yoga + 1 mile walk
  • Sunday – 3 hours downhill skiing with RH at Northstar

These log posts are for me, but if it interests you, please feel free to read! I am going to track my “activity” schedule once a week to make sure I keep moving rather than sitting behind a computer all day.

I’m not one to photograph what I eat all the time, but I plan to highlight favorite foods from the week too – I can always use some inspiration when my mind goes blank on what to eat. This week I have been playing around with my favorite Breakfast-Worthy Banana Bread recipe.

Mini Sugar-Free, Spelt Banana Bread Loaf

It needed some adaptation for high altitude, since I had previously made it at a lower altitude. I also added some sweetener for the last two batches (honey/maple syrup) upon DH’s request. I think I almost have the adjustments down … the second batch is cooling as I type!

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