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We Interrupt this Blog for Another Whole Foods Sale Announcement …

10 November 2010 One Comment

I received this “Shrimpsgiving” sale alert from the wonderful PR people at Whole Foods this week, and wanted to share it with y’all. Whole Foods is a trek over a (now snowy) mountain for me, so I won’t make it there on Friday, but perhaps some of you can take advantage of this dealio …

Whole Foods Market has a holiday deal in the seafood department that is sure to make you the host with the most. On Friday, Nov. 12, our stores will be offering medium-sized (31/40), tail-on cooked shrimp for $5.99 – that’s half off the everyday price! As with all of our farmed seafood, these shrimp are raised to the highest standards in the industry – ours! This one-day-only sale has a limit of 10 pounds per shopper and is available in the fresh case or in 2-pound bags of individually-frozen shrimp (easy to stock up for instant entertaining or surprise guests). Here are a few more reasons why you’ll want to catch our “shrimpsgiving” sale while you can.

  • Strict farmed seafood standards. Our standards prohibit antibiotics, added growth hormones, preservatives such as sulfites, and poultry and mammalian byproducts in feed. And, all farms must pass a third-party audit to ensure our standards are met. More here: www.wholefoodsmarket.com/products/aquaculture.php 
  • Raised by one producer with traceability to the farm. The producer meets our standards for protecting the environment by avoiding sensitive mangrove areas and operating a closed-water recycling system to protect water quality and the surrounding ecosystem.
  • Instant entertaining. These tail-on shrimp make great cocktail dippers or can be easily blended into a shrimp dip and served with crudités.
  • Meal solutions – Let these tasty shrimp steal the show atop a creamy risotto, garlicky pasta or hearty jambalaya.  With this previously cooked and peeled protein powerhouse, households in a hurry can have a meal in minutes.
  • Previously frozen immediately after harvest to lock in their mild, sweet flavor.

They also offer some tasty dairy-free recipes for this shrimp on the Whole Foods website, like this Jambalaya or these Spring Rolls. Okay, I cheated slightly by showing you the image for the Shrimp Cocktail with Creamy-Spicy Green Onion Dipping Sauce (the shrimp just looked so perfect in that picture). Buuuuttt, that recipe can easily be made dairy-free by substituting a dairy-free sour cream (there are a few brands on the market now), or by making your own! I offer two sour cream alternative recipes in Go Dairy Free, my favorite of which is the Sour Cashew Creme on p131 (dairy-free, soy-free, and yummy!).

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    yea, this is my ultimate favorite meal!!