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What Does Jillian Michaels Eat?

1 November 2010 5 Comments

The face below may soon be sporting a coconut milk moustache as I reported today on Go Dairy Free.

I repeatedly receive concerns from fitness lovers and body builders that cutting out dairy will slash their potential gains, and somehow undermine their health. Rather than going into a long-winded article addressing this issue, I thought an example might hit home a little more efficiently. Though I can’t confirm if she is 100% dairy-free, a day in the food life of Jillian Michaels, as reported in an interview with Self magazine, would seem to support the notion that this world-famous trainer (with an incredible body to back it up!) doesn’t believe consuming a bunch of dairy is required to keep your body strong …

Breakfast – Two whole Ezekiel English Muffins topped with almond butter. This is Jillian’s carbo-loading time, but she makes it whole grain and adds some fat and protein to keep her going. Ezekiel English Muffins are made with sprouted whole grains and all brands we have seen to date are dairy-free.

Lunch – Midday typically brings some variety of fish and vegetables. One example she notes is “Salmon carpaccio and a vegetable or salad. But if it comes with cheese, I won’t eat the cheese.”

Snack – For a good carb / protein mix, Jillian snacks on hummus and carrot sticks, chips and salsa, or an orange and some raw nuts

Dinner – Though she didn’t list specifics, Jillian stated that she tries to keep the carbs low in her final meal, eats organic whenever possible, and goes heavy on the fish.

Dessert – Jillian loves chocolate, dark chocolate to be specific. She eats around 200 calories a day of it, and if she knows anything about the getting the most antioxidants from dark chocolate (which I’m sure she does) then most likely she is nibbling on dairy-free varieties.

Jillian is actually joining the nationwide campaign called “Change Your Milk. Change Your Life” for So Delicious dairy-free coconut milk beverage.


  • Judi said:

    Dairy-free is the way to go! Just look at her body! I’m so glad Jillian Michaels loves my favorite dairy-free milk: So Delicious coconut milk! I wonder if she eats their coconut milk yogurt and ice cream, too. They’re pretty amazing.

  • Katie said:

    I’m pretty sure she isn’t 100% dairy free based on some of the books I’ve read. She gives sample menus that always have dairy in them. Still, its cool she’s drawing attention to this. I still can’t 100% love her though. 🙂

  • Pure2raw twins said:

    Not sure if she is 100% dairy free but I am! And I like to consider myself an athlete, someone who works out daily and does not need dairy to look or feel good 😉 Dairy free is the way to go! 🙂

  • Lori said:

    I agree with Katie- I can’t 100% love Jillian for a few reasons (*cough* promotingweightlosspills,etc. *cough*) but I could definitely work on obtaining her body! Geez. That photo is going on my fridge. lol

    Good review though. It’s nice to see what others are eating… although, I think I eat a LOT more than her… sad.

  • T said:

    I love Jillian. She is awesome. However, she is not 100% dairy free proven on one season of The Biggest Loser. She showed a group of contestants how important it is to have a glass of milk a day. Yep! she led them straight to the fridge and told them the importance of one portion of milk a day!