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Holy Crap, Insanity Works! My Fit Test Results …

13 July 2010 10 Comments

So here I am, two weeks down, and I just finished my second Insanity Fit Test (the first being the “baseline” that you do before you start the program), and I am seriously impressed. Is this P90X? No, it’s a totally different animal (more on that later). Do I still like P90X? Tony, have no fear, I am a Horton loyalist. But, has Shaun T finally won me over with his Insanity? Maybe, just maybe.


(photo blatantly stolen from one of Katie’s Insanity posts)

I still think Insanity has its downfalls, and I will detail my personal pros and cons later, but I have to admit that I am already seeing results! Here are my Fit Test results:

How it’s Done – You do each exercise for 1 minute, and record how many of the exercise you finish during that time. There is a break between each exercise to recover and record your results.

Day 1:

  • Switch Kicks – 110
  • Power Jacks – 49
  • Power Knees – 68
  • Power Jumps – 28
  • Globe Jumps – 7
  • Suicide Jumps – 15
  • Push-Up Jacks – 23
  • Low Plank Oblique – 47

Notes: I had to pause the tape twice during the break time in the fit test as I was feeling really pukie. I may have paused each time for a minute, maybe five, I don’t know. Afterward I had to lay down on the couch for fifteen because I felt so ill. Not my brightest fitness moment.

Day 15:

  • Switch Kicks – 126
  • Power Jacks – 59
  • Power Knees – 81
  • Power Jumps – 51
  • Globe Jumps – 12
  • Suicide Jumps – 18
  • Push-Up Jacks – 28
  • Low Plank Oblique – 67

Notes: I only paused the tape once, just for 15 seconds during a break, because my hair kept falling out from all of the bouncing! I made it through, exhausted, but I made it through, and really focused on my form – no cheating! I felt a slight illness in my stomach at the end, but nothing like before – I kept on with my day.

I actually covered up my Day 1 Fit Test numbers while doing Day 15, because I didn’t want to compete with my old numbers or slack off once I “just beat them.” I wanted to do my best. Boy was I surprised when I lifted the paper and I had improved in every single move! Not to mention, I even beat Turbo Tanya (as I call her) on some of them, and she was on day 60! Not that I am competitive or anything.

(Yes, another theft from Katie’s pics, but I had to show you why I call her Turbo Tanya! And Katie just knows how to capture the moment)

I am assuming that these will be my biggest number gains, since there was so much room to improve in the first two weeks, but I hope to see continued improvement.

Personal Challenges and Gains:

Altitude – No matter how long I live at 6500 feet (nor during the 7 years I lived at 7000 feet), I do not fully aclimate. I’m not sure why, but the altitude always makes me wheeze no matter how much fitness I do. However, I have noticed a marked improvement in my lung capacity and aclimation since starting Insanity. I would venture to say it is the biggest improvement I have ever had.

Injuries – If you have lingering issues, pulled muscles, or joint issues, consider another program. That said, I have had knee surgery and numerous injuries (that linger) and I am still going. I did think during the first week that I might not make it through due to knee pain and stiffness in my bad knee. It subsided quickly, but I am still proceeding cautiously, and will quit the program if it looks like I am going to risk further issues with my knee.

Physical – I’m not on a weight loss mission, but would like to “firm up” about 5 pounds and streamline my muscular legs. I am already seeing and feeling a bit of a difference, but will do a full update after the program.

Have you done, are you doing Insanity? Are there any workout videos you do or don’t love?


  • lindsay said:

    I think I am the only one who hasn’t tried it yet and I am dying too!! I’ll have to buy it from someone after they’re done. Good luck!

  • Casi Leigh said:

    I’m on Day 2! I nearly passed out during the Fit Test yesterday. Turbo Tanya made me feel a little on the slow side, haha. But I survived today, I know I can do it.

    Thanks for the review, so many people seem to be experiencing awesome results!!

  • Katie said:

    My favorite thing about it is that it is just FUN. I’ve never dreaded workingout, but I haven’t really looked forward to working out like I have since starting this program. I’m sad its only 60 days long.

  • Pure2raw twins said:

    We are entering our last week of Insanity, and cannot believe we did. We have never done anything like it before. We have enjoyed! We were in workout rut and it helped!

  • Nicole said:

    Alisa, That is hilarious that we are on the same day and that we both covered our numbers! Brilliant minds think alike : ) I was so stoked to beat out Tanya. I was like, that’s all she can do? Sweating never felt so good!


  • Biz said:

    I haven’t tried that yet, but that PX90 is intense! I do like the Jillian line of DVD’s – I did the shred for 30 days and while I only lost 5 pounds, I lost 5 inches all over my body!

    Which reminds me, I think I’ll do that again in August!

  • Lori said:

    You totally make me want to try it! I just need to find the time to do it in between all of my other exercise ventures! Ug! But awesome AWESOME results!!!

  • Kelly said:

    I understand the love for Tony and P90X, but when Insanity came along, I totally jumped on the bandwagon. After month 2, though, I was wanting to add in the strength training. I did a hybrid of Insanity and P90X and LOVED it!
    Keep up the great work!

  • Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said:

    I really want to do insanity, or p90x or turbofire..basically i need to pimp up my game and try an at-home dvd b/c i never have!

  • Khristal said:

    Im doing Insanity right now, Im on my 30 Days see my B&A pics I have had great great results. I cant wait to get to Day 60, Im estatic!