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Almond Butter

7 July 2010 5 Comments

Unless of course you are allergic to nuts, I consider them and their butter counterparts to be essentials in a dairy-free houshold. Richness, flavor, healthy fats, protein, vitamins and minerals, these little gems have it all. Some, like almonds, even have a fair little dose of calcium and magnesium (famous as a bone-building duo).

I often make my own nut butters with the spice grinder, but I do pick up jars on occasion. For example, this past weekend I found an insane deal on these almond butters …

Guess how much I got them for? No seriously, guess?

Okay … $.99 each – yes, 99 cents! They had expired last week at my local (usually expensive) Village Market … but really, expired nut butter? Not an immediate concern.

My husband had been begging all week for some fresh baked bread, so I made this Spelt Bread (with a few tweeks – I am always experimenting with my bread recipe!). I just bought a big package of Red Star Yeast, and oh my was that stuff active. The bread rose out of control.

Anyway, my first (very thick) slice was slathered in this new-to-me almond butter from Blue Diamond.

The verdict? Definitely worth the $.99 and then some, but not one I would repeat. I don’t typically like crunchy nut butters, but the large bits in this must have been toasted, because they popped in my mouth like firm rice crispies. I loved that. But the flavor was a bit low on the almond scale in my opinion. It included a wee bit of palm oil (to make it “spreadable”) and evaporated cane juice. I just prefer my almond butter raw, creamy, and with nothing added … like a blank canvas.

Nonetheless, for 99 cents, I did return to buy the last two jars of crunchy. They also had “honey” versions on discount, but these had corn maltodextrin and peanut flavor added … getting into the strange zone for me.

What are your favorite types and brands of nut butter?


Fitness Log:

Tuesday – 40 min Insanity Pure Cardio, 3/4 mile walk (just a wee trip).


  • Fiona said:


    been aages since I’ve had peanut butter, I try not to keep it around because it’s so morish!

  • Katie said:

    I need to make my own nut butters. I am not a fan of added sugars either though.

  • theemptynutjar said:

    My goodness. I fly through nut butters at an insane speed (i DO eat dairy by the way!). Anyway, i can finish one jar in 2-3 days (and that is being nice…somtimes 2 days MAX). I pay a fortune for mine though! I also fly through bags of nuts and seeds at speedy rates.

  • Kelsey @ CleanTeenKelsey said:

    Nut butters are my favoriteeee. I love Whole Foods’ 365 brand of peanut butter. It’s so basic compared to the crazy flavors of Naturally Nutty and Justin’s, but it’s perfect to me. <3

  • JennW said:

    you and your discount shopping! lol