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Organic Honey Crisp Apples – Nationwide Sale, Recipes, etc.

26 October 2010 5 Comments

The day before BlogHer Food, I had the chance to enjoy the Ferry Building in San Francisco with some gluten-free friends, and pick up a few food necessities … after all, you can’t count on any event to be dairy-free. Wendy darted straight for the produce and proclaimed, “I love Honey Crisp Apples!” I love apples, but I’m not a  connoisseur, so I took Wendy’s word and purchased a couple of the organic Honey Crisp Apples (for about $3 a lb – hey, I was on vacation!). They were tasty, but Wendy said they weren’t the best.

So with my curiosity still peaked, I was excited to hear that Organic Honey Crisp Apples will be on sale on Friday (one day only!) October 29th for $1.49 per lb at Whole Foods Nationwide.

I switched to buying only organic apples a few years ago after discovering that they are a top pesticide food – a full-fledged member of the “dirty dozen.” Of course, organics can be expensive, but anytime I see organic apples hit $1.49 or less, I fill up my shopping bag (reusable of course!). That is my threshold for organic apple pricing, but the cheapest I’ve ever seen them go is $.89 per lb, and that certainly wasn’t for prized Honey Crisps.

Honey Crisp s are great snacking apples, so they work great in recipes like these:

What are your favorite types of apples? Do you have any favorite dairy-free apple recipes? Enjoy the sale!


  • Sarena (The Non-Dairy Queen) said:

    Honey Crisp are by far the best apple! You know I love apples baked or fresh! I think I will have to go and fill my reusable bag on Friday too!

  • Nowheymma said:

    LOVE Honeycrisp apples. Our local orchard is all out for the year, though. 🙁 I also like Cortlands for applesauce and baking.

  • Shannon said:

    omg i love honeycrisps!! so glad i saw this, i’ll totally have to try and get there 🙂

  • Katie said:

    I’m actually not a huge apple fan. But, honey crisp are the only ones I’d eat straight up. I think I overdid them a few years back.

  • Sara said:

    Thanks for posting this, I freakin love HC apples, and I too won’t buy non-organic apples anymore. This is really the only reason I like Fall haha. YUMMMMMM 😀