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When Does Fitness Step Over Your Dignity Boundary?

24 January 2011 One Comment

Up until a year and a half ago, I’d never done a workout video. But then, I discovered P90X (from BeachBody) and the amazing Tony Horton. He led me down a road of empowerment. For the first time in my life I have strong arms. I can do pull-ups and push-ups like an army recruit. And up until now, I felt invincible! But it broke my spirit when BeachBody emailed me this …

I am not judging mind you. I know for many people dance workouts are awesome and the way to go. But if you had ever seen me attempt to seriously dance then you would know that this video definitely crosses my personal line of dignity. Yes, even alone, with door closed, I would constantly be jerking to a stop, wondering if my husband might be coming in. Even the one I love to no end, who overlooks my faults, supports my endeavors, and knows more about me than even I do … I’m too embarrassed to let him see me genuinely attempting dance moves (jokingly dancing around like a dork – now that’s a daily occurence). Even in the name of fitness. Wait no, especially in the name of fitness.

Here I am, admitting to you today that actually, my boundaries put me in a tight little fitness box. You won’t find me at pole dancing classes. Nope, no on your life. In fact, I actually shut the door and make sure my husband is nowhere to be found when doing the Insanity Abs video, as the “pelvic thrusts” at the end make me a bit paranoid. Not only are they completely awkward, but I also find myself thinking, “am I doing these right? How embarrassing if not!?”

So please Tony H., for those of us who prefer to only show our “tough” side and have two left feet, encourage BeachBody to produce more strength and plyo programs. Please!

Do you have a dignity boundary when it comes to fitness, or are you pretty much willing to try anything? Can you dance, or are you like me and a bit shy with swiveling those hips?

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  • Katie said:

    I hate those pelvic thrusts too! I live alone, and I make sure all the curtains are drawn even when I did the plyo dvd. I can’t dance to save my life, so I am right there with you. Remember the brief thoughts of doing Turbo Fire? Yeah….